Sunday, August 21, 2011

21 Aug 2011 - Manjo Bash

21 Aug 2011 - Lil Doc and Manjo at Jest's
Saratoga, CA

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Manjo and Lil Doc (who live in Sudbury, MA) are visiting their 1 year old and 3 year old grandchildren in nearby Sunnyvale so Jest Rick is throwing another one of his Kaw Pastures at his home in their honor.

Jim and Cat arriving.


Rick comes out to greet them

Followed by Cranky who rode his bicycle

Lil Doc was inside already

Rick's wife Colleen doing her ikebana

Raiding the frig in the garage

The Nite Lite entourage arrives next.
Linda and Nite Lite

Richard and Sherm

Son Brian

Nite Lite and son Brian

Jim, Cat and Linda

We then head out to the patio.
Lil Doc, Brian and Cat

Rainbow grapes

Cranky, Manjo and Lil Doc

Rick, Sherm and Richard

Our Guests of Honor

Da pool

Getting the pool ready.
Colleen and Lauren

Only one beached whale today. Skid is still in Canada and decided not to ride over for the day.

But Brian decides to join his dad

Then the ladies take a swim too

Time for the hot tub

We skipped the main course and went right to dessert.
Fresh strawberry and fresh peach pies

Lil Doc is waiting for the peach pie

Lauren has a big, big piece of pie

Rick's son is getting ready to head off for NYU next week

Everyone has a ways to go before getting home so we leave in the late afternoon.

Cranky is showing off his bicycle. He rode the scenic ride of 12.5 miles up over the hills and is going back the same way.

Lil Doc is getting ready to get on her Harley trike

Manjo on his BUBF and Lil Doc

And the closing photo is of Lil Doc heading off into the sunset. :-)

Here is a photo taken on January 22, 2011 of the kids and grandkids that they are heading back to.