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15 Jan 2011 - Polar Bear Ride

15 Jan 2011 - Polar Bear Ride
Flag City, CA

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Today is a combined NCTRF and NorCal VROC Polar Bear Ride (PBR).

Link to Cranky's Ride Report of the PBR

We are meeting at the McDonald's at Flag City which is at the intersection of I-5 And California Hwy12. We will be criss crossing the Altamont via the old Lincoln Highway and then Corral Hollow Road with a lunch stop at Shorter's BBQ Pit in Tracy. Then another leg of the Ride takes us to the Ghiradelli Factory Outlet in Lathrop, CA and the end of the PBR.
An eclectic group of bikes meets at the McDonalds in Flag City. We will have 8 bikes and 11 people at the start of the Ride and will pick up two more bikes and riders in Livermore.

Waiting for the KSU of 1030 AM.
V-Strom, Nomad and Gold Wing. The two Harleys are not part of our group.

Photo by KC
There is a Triumph Trophy, a Suzuki sport bike, a Valkyrie and a Harley also plus my BMW

Our first rest break is at the Valero Station on Hwy 4 just west of Stockton.
Photo by KC

Then we have an unscheduled stop at the Mountain House Road House because the fog instead of lifting was getting thicker.

Here I am in my relatively new Revit jacket.
Photo by KC

Here is KC's wife Lyn getting a bottle of water.
Photo by KC

We wait about 15 minutes and then continue our Ride.

It still looks a bit foggy, but in less than a mile the sun is out and the temps rise about 10°

Our stop at the Livermore McD's is also to pick up Cranky and Roy.
Cranky and his Nomad. Roy and his Harley.

No road pictures today since I kept my gloves on and heated grips set on high.
So here we are in Tracy parking a block away from Shorter's BBQ Pit.
Cranky, Roy and KC park across the street from Shorters

Roy was going to peel off and head back home, but he remembered Shorter's from a previous Ride so continued on and was the first to eat. Then he was off for home.
Half the people were still ordering while Roy was eating :-)

Here is my Tri-Tip sandwich with the BBQ sauce on the side.

Photo by KC

Patiently waiting for our food

I was suppose to call from Livermore with the number of people but I forgot so they had to scramble and set us up.

Sidewalk outside of Shorter's

Lyn snacks on a banana while waiting for her BBQ Chicken

Cranky only ate half of his Pulled Pork Sandwich

Phil's Tri-Tip dinner with two sides

Corn bread and spicy spaghetti

Pdub about to bite on a rib

The BBQ Chicken

Look at the size of the Tri-Tip Sandwich

A few more of pictures by KC of Shorters.

After lunch we take some farm roads to the Ghiradelli Factory Outlet in Lathrop.

The entrance is at the corner of the building.

Lots of good stuff at fabulous discounts.

Here is my two pounds of chocolate squares. The cost is $8.50 a pound, but Seniors over 55 get an additional 10% discount. My cost was $15.30 for two pounds.

AND what is a NorCal PBR without someone having Ice Cream.
Rocky Road. All the ice cream is at a 20% discount of their retail stores. And the Hot Fudge Sundaes have a special price of $5.00.



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