Thursday, March 31, 2011

31 Mar 2011 - SAG in Sacramento
East Sacramento, CA

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Not really a Ride Report, but with the weather we have been having I needed to Blog something.

Anyway Steve G {SAG} from Eugene, OR was in Roseville staying with his sister. He grew up in Sacramento and some of his old bicycle riding buddies are having a shin dig this weekend near Sacramento.

Anyway, I headed up to Sacramento to have lunch with him at Cafe Rolle {any excuse to have lunch there}. Besides Steve was picking up the tab.
SAG had arrived early and parked in the shade a couple of blocks down the road and was walking to the Cafe Rolle

We were both early arriving just before the doors opened at 11:00 AM. {for our 11:15 AM meet}
The posed shot in front of the cafe

Here William Rolle is preparing a sandwich To Go.
Notice all of the cut baguettes

Since SAG is buying lunch we start by splitting an appetizer of Duck Pate.
Excellent pate with bread and gherkins

We are the first to arrive and elect to eat outdoors. This is the warmest day we have had all year. Eventually we would get into the 80's later in the afternoon.
SAG puts on his bib and is ready to dig in on the food

SAG has a tough choice between the Hot Salmon and the Marinated Shrimp sandwich. So we order both and we will each have some of both sandwiches. It is real easy to split up a sandwich since it is cut into four pieces.
SAG beats me to the first bite

Shrimp and salmon sandwiches with the Spring Mix salad

This is my plate

I am busy snapping photos all over the place.
The waiter and the busboy and a couple of other patrons

It is still only 11:50 AM and already there is a Waiting Line.
SAG sitting while I have my after lunch cigarette

You can just see the top of SAG's head in the left most window

I ask our waiter the directions to the bakery where they buy their bread.
It is the Grateful Bread at 2543 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95825.
It is just about two miles east of the cafe in the Lohman's Plaza Shopping Center.
Entrance to the Grateful Bread

Cafe Rolle uses Pugliese baguettes. Pugliese is a rustic bread from the south of Italy.
A large selection of breads

SAG is looking at the muffins but settles on a baguette to take to his sister's

Grateful Bread list of breads available.
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Well that is the end of this Ride Report.

~end .


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